A Personal History of Nuclear Medicine 2006th Edition


A Personal History of Nuclear Medicine is an account of how nuclear medicine developed, and its basic philosophy in the past, present and future

. The book outlines the history of the development of nuclear medicine as experienced by the author and describes the hurdles that nuclear medicine has had to face, in view of the perception of risk of radiation.

It also explains how nuclear medicine solves medical problems in clinical practice and how it has contributed to a new definition of disease.

The book concludes with future projections of the likely developments in this area in the next 50 years.

Editorial Reviews

“This is a personal memoir of Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, perhaps the most influential person in the development of clinical nuclear medicine worldwide. There has been almost no one of significance in nuclear medicine that Dr. Wagner has not interacted with in some capacity over his five-decade career in nuclear medicine. This book is a chronicle of those interactions and a description of the evolution of nuclear medicine over the period. This is a superb description of the evolution of nuclear medicine over five decades. It serves not only as a description of events and people in nuclear medicine, but also as a model for how histories should be constructed in other fields from the memoirs of influential individuals. There is no comparable book that addresses this evolution in nuclear medicine. This book is recommended for anyone interested in how curiosity about potential applications of a new science (atomic energy in this case) can be developed in medicine.”

“A Personal History of Nuclear Medicine traces nuclear medicine from its inception, in the early 20th century, to the present day … . The book is penned in a characteristically realistic writing style. … is not only a good descriptive history book but is also a philosophic resource containing amazing wisdom and gracious humor. This book will benefit medical students, clinicians at large, radiologists, and nuclear medicine physicians, as well as researchers and academicians in all allied fields.”


Product Details
Hardcover: 299 pages
Publisher: Springer; 2006 edition (June 13, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1852339721
ISBN-13: 978-1852339722


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