Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)


“This book covers the structure and application of the DICOM standard in enough detail to be helpful to the general user of medical images, as well as to a programmer who is developing an image management system. … the text can also serve as a reference for those getting more involved with applications that use DICOM or those who want to develop their own DICOM application. … I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the DICOM standard.” (Donald Peck, The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 50 (8), August, 2009)

“There have been many books trying to explain the wonders of Dicom … . This book goes to a lot of detail … . descriptions contained provide a useful resource when trying to integrate systems. … The charts and graphics are easy to use and explain the mysteries well. … I would recommend this book as a good practical introduction and survival guide … . I would recommend this book, along with a practical Dicom course … for those starting out in this area.” (Chris Bull, RAD Magazine, July, 2009)

The only book to present DICOM standard from a very practical user perspective

Emphasizes applicability and practical use of various DICOM features

Provides a great introduction into the complex DICOM terminology, structure, and functionality

Explains the connections between DICOM and current medical Imaging/Radiology

Answers the most frequently asked DICOM questions (that even DICOM standard itself may not answer)

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Product Details
Publisher: Hardcover (December 24, 2008)


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