Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy 6th Edition


Established as a classic text on nuclear chemistry and pharmacy, Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy has been thoroughly revised with new information added covering innovations in imaging technology and clinical applications in the field.

The Sixth Edition also eliminates outdated information from previous editions on radiopharmaceuticals now discontinued from the market. Dr. Gopal B. Saha’s books have continually been praised for their clarity and accuracy while setting new standards for making complex theoretical concepts readily understandable to the reader.

Like past editions, this book is intended to be used as a textbook on nuclear chemistry and pharmacy for nuclear medicine residents and students and as a reference book for nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists.

New sections in the Sixth Edition include:


• Digital Imaging

• Exploratory IND

• Nanoparticle Imaging

• Treatment of liver cancer with 90Y-TheraSpheres and 90Y-SIR-Spheres

• Treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with 131I-Bexxar



Product Details
Publisher: Springer; 6th ed. 2010 edition (2010-11-01) (1656)


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