Step by Step Manual of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery (Volume 4)



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Publish Year2016
Size6.25″ X 9.5″
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVDYes
Quick Overview

This book contains line diagrams and detailing the minutiae of the surgical procedures that would help the novice laparoscopist to choose their surgical steps with studied confidence. This series is essentially one that provides the complete bandwidth of procedures, starting from diagnostic laparoscopy and going all the way to laparoscopic oncology and bariatric surgery. In order to enable the reader to understand the steps dynamically, the book also includes a CD with volume, in which all the steps of the described operations are shown with a voice over. It is our recommendation that each procedure is seen immediately after the text is perused. The book is divided the subject matter into 14 volumes that will hopefully cover almost all the available operative surgery spectrum of laparoscopy.


Key Features

• This book helps every aspiring student of surgery easily understand laparoscopic surgery

• Richly illustrated with line diagrams which easily demonstrate inguinal hernia and ventral hernia anatomy

• Clearly explains the fundamental principles that govern endoscopic hernia surgery

• Explains the logic of bringing down the cost of hernia surgery, making it accessible to common man

• This book will be very useful to practicing surgeons of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives and other developing Asian countries as it details economic laparoscopic hernia surgery.

Target Audience

Laparoscopist, and surgeons.

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