Muntada Aid 2020 little hearts Mission

Muntada Aid 2020 little hearts Mission
Muntada Aid 2020 little hearts Mission

A new mission to do good sponsored by Muntada Aid for charity and will take place in Qena University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, South Valley University.

In a new visit, the Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Hosts the British pediatric cardiac surgeons in January 2020 to undertake many open-heart surgeries to repair the birth defects of children.

They will be operating on all types of congenital heart defects from aortic valve stenosis, coarctation of the aorta, pulmonary valve stenosis, to other such types of heart defects.

Muntada Aid will be providing cardiac interventions from children as young as 2 months old to children in their early teens. All children that will be treated at the Qena University Hospital are from Egypt.

Recall that Little Hearts team arrived in Egypt in June 2019, and did 50 cardiac interventions on children and young people within 7 days on children and young people.

Prof. Adel Algamal – professor of pediatric cardiac surgery from Mansoura University helped us during the course of the last mission.


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