Human Anatomy for Students 2nd Edition


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Over the years, as a writer, I have always tried to present more and more simplified versions of anatomy book In my 30 years’ teaching experience, I have realized that the so-called tough subject like anatomy can be made very interesting and easy if it is presented in a lucid and palatable language.

In this edition, therefore, efforts have been taken to make the book more comprehensive. At the same time, this edition has been upgraded with more information to meet the requirements of both undergraduate and postgraduate students with different syllabi of various universities. Thus, a more complete book with all aspects of theory and practical knowledge has been presented. In this edition, chapters have been rearranged for more convenient grasping. Within the chapters, the text has been arranged in a pattern so that students can easily get a ready answer for both long questions as well as short notes.

The latest printing technology has been well utilized to upgrade this edition with a compact and beautiful presentation. Most of the illustrations have been upgraded with the addition of many real photographs of dissected specimens and comprehensive easy schematic diagrams.

The entire approach is such as to attract and inspire the students for a deeper perception of anatomy. This edition has been fortified with elaborate Surface marking and Histology chapters.

A number of X-ray plates have been added to easily comprehend the Radiology chapter. The main key to grow interested in anatomy and retain the knowledge in memory for a long time is comprehensive dissection. Therefore, the dissection part has been enlarged with the addition of lucid comprehensive methodology. Each and every chapter of this edition is ornamented with more information on clinical and applied anatomy.

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Size39.46 Mb
Pages974 Pages
Publisher JAYPEE
Date January 1, 2013

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