The Nuts and Bolts of Implantable Device Therapy: Pacemakers 1st Edition


This book was created for clinicians who are new to cardiac pacing and defibrillation and want a fast-paced, practical, real-world introduction to the subject. Tom Kenny brings his down-to-earth style to this remarkable educational work that provides clinicians with illustrations, lists, tables, and lots of practical tips aimed at helping them navigate the sometimes complicated world of cardiac pacing.

Tom Kenny, a medical educator and long-time advocate for better cardiac pacing education and current Director of Education at PrepMD, wrote this book in order to:

  • Give clinicians a practical, realistic, easy-to-follow guide into the nuances of cardiac pacing―even if they have absolutely no background or experience in the field to start with
  • Provide an overview of the algorithms and devices offered by the world’s five pacemaker manufacturers (no other book offers this!)
  • Create a great reference book and go-to resource for busy clinicians who may already work in pacing but sometimes still have questions
  • Offer clinicians self-assessment tests and organized information to facilitate studying for various exams related to cardiac pacing and defibrillation
  • Shed some light (and illustrations) on cardiac pacing concepts, including some that confuse even the experts!

An ideal resource for trainees in cardiology and electrophysiology, EP nurses and NPs, EP lab technical staff, cath lab educators, and medical device industry professionals, this book offers practical, reliable and objective information on cardiac pacemakers.

Book Details

Pages332 pages
Size16.52 MB
DateNovember 19, 2014


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