Critical Cases in Electrocardiography: Don’t-Miss ECGs for Emergency and Critical Care 1st Edition


Emergency and critical care providers are often challenged by patients with acute cardiorespiratory symptoms and abnormal electrocardiograms. Critical Cases in Electrocardiography emphasize clinically-relevant topics, focusing squarely on situations where the interpretation of the ECG contributes to clinical decision-making.

This atlas is unique, in that it includes numerous examples of ECG ‘misses’ – cases where the computer algorithm or the clinicians (or both) got the diagnosis wrong. While many textbooks include only smaller, black and white ECG tracings, which do not resemble actual clinical practice, this volume is designed to encourage self-study of the ECG by including full-page tracings in their natural color. The book focuses on ‘don’t miss’ ECG tracings in order to help readers advance beyond the stage of ‘competent’ electrocardiographer. Anatomic and electrophysiologic correlations are emphasized throughout the work, helping readers appreciate the anatomic and electrical origins of the ECG abnormalities, rather than relying solely on pattern memorization.

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Book Description

This atlas focuses on ECG tracings where abnormalities are subtle and diagnoses not obvious. The examples show ECGs that are often misinterpreted, even by experienced clinicians and computer algorithms. The atlas emphasizes clinically-relevant topics, focusing squarely on situations where the interpretation of the ECG aids clinical decision-making.

About the Author

Steven R. Lowenstein, MD, MPH, is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medicine and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He has extensive responsibilities teaching electrocardiogram interpretation to medical students and emergency medicine and family medicine residents. He has received numerous local and national awards and honors for his work as an educator and emergency medicine clinician and for his efforts to promote diversity, professionalism and public health and safety.

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Pages340 Pages
Size63.99 MB
PublisherCambridge University Press
DateMay 31, 2018



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