Imaging Anatomy: Head and Neck 1st Edition PDF


Imaging Anatomy: Head and Neck 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Imaging Anatomy: Head and Neck 1st Edition PDF highly specialized structures, microanatomy of individual components, and overall structural density make the head and neck one of the most challenging areas in radiology. Imaging Anatomy: Head and Neck provide radiologists, residents, and fellows with a truly comprehensive, superbly illustrated anatomy reference that is designed to improve interpretive skills in this complex area. A wealth of high-quality, cross-sectional images, corresponding medical illustrations, and concise, descriptive text offer a unique opportunity to master the fundamentals of normal anatomy and accurately and efficiently recognize pathologic conditions.

  • Contains more than 1400 high-resolution, cross-sectional head and neck images combined with over 200 vibrant medical illustrations, designed to provide the busy radiologist rapid answers to imaging anatomy questions
  • Reflects new understandings of anatomy due to ongoing anatomic research as well as new, advanced imaging techniques
  • Features 3 Tesla MR imaging sequences and state-of-the-art multidetector CT normal anatomy sequences throughout the book, providing detailed views of anatomic structures that complement highly accurate and detailed medical illustrations
  • Includes imaging series of successive slices in each standard plane of imaging (coronal, sagittal, and axial)
  • Depicts anatomic variations and pathological processes to help you quickly recognize the appearance and relevance of altered morphology
  • Includes CT and MR images of pathologic conditions, when appropriate, as they directly enhance current understanding of normal anatomy
  • Contains a separate section on normal ultrasound anatomy of the head and neck

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“Overall, this is a great reference for complex head and neck anatomy.”

Imaging Anatomy: Head and Neck 1st Edition PDF Free E-Book

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DateAugust 26, 2019
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