Sunday, February 5, 2023
Empyema Thoracis

Empyema Thoracis: Pathology, Bacteriology, Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment

Pleural Diseases: Anatomy, Physiology, Pneumothorax, Empyema thoracis and Pleural Effusion Download Power Point FileDownload. Empyema is defined as a collection of pus in the pleural...

Conventional Open Harvesting of the Great Saphenous Vein

AbstractThis short tutorial video summarizes the surgical technique for conventional open harvesting of the great saphenous vein as a conduit for coronary artery bypass...
open radial artery harvesting

Open radial artery harvesting

IntroductionThe radial artery (RA) is a versatile bypass conduit that is being used with increasing frequency. It is a suitable conduit for multiple arterial...
Dr. Yusuf Shieba how to read chest xray

Chest X-ray Anatomy: How To Interpret Chest x-ray

Learning Objectives: Chest X-ray AnatomyThis tutorial demonstrates some of the important anatomical structures visible on a chest X-ray. By the end of the tutorial,...
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